Acoustic Solution in Smacsonic®

SMACSONIC® is a high performance acoustic product line dedicated to commercial aircrafts, helicopters, business jets & VIP conversion centers.

It is comprised of a thin layer of aluminum and/or composite material, bonded onto SMACTANE®, a proprietary viscoelastic rubber, and pressure-sensitive adhesive.

This product dissipates mechanical energy, damping vibration, and reduces noise, thanks to a skin-damping principle that’s designed to provide superior performance by using a Proprietary viscoelastic layer that enhances Damping performance relative to temperature.

SMACSONIC® is available in 540x540mm (21.3” x 21.3” inches) pads or in custom kits of needed shape.

Our products & programs follow the higher international standards of Project Management.

Rising to the R&D challenge, the company cultivates a spirit of innovation to anticipate market needs. We are recognized as an expert in elastomer formulation, with more than 200 rubber blended formulations,  constantly renewed and improved by ongoing testing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Very high damping
  • FAR25-853a & FAR25-856a
  • Ready to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy handling and integration
  • Thin & lightweight design