Rocket launching

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Satellite in space

SMAC Systems’ rich and long standing legacy in global aerospace programs allows us to partner on projects involving launchers, spacecrafts, and space subassemblies. We have supported 27 missions, to date, with more to come.

SMAC Systems specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of solutions to reduce pyro shock, acoustic loads, and micro-vibration in various space applications–from launch vehicles, to launch applications.

A partial list of applications include:

  • Launch Vehicles
    • Pyroshock cancellation
    • Structural damping
    • Launcher applications
  • Satellites & Spacecrafts
    • Micro-vibration Isolation
    • Structural damping
    • Composite damping
    • Soundproofing material
    • Pyroshock cancellation
  • Satellite Payloads
    • Optical communication
    • Reaction wheel isolation
    • Damped strut technology
    • Isolators for earth observation
    • Optical Micro-vibration isolation
    • Electronic pyro shock protection