SMAC Systems, a Safer World Group company, offers its customers the design, engineering, manufacturing, and certification of innovative noise solutions as well as shock and vibration isolation solutions. 

SMAC Systems manufactures innovative products to improve noise attenuation, shock and vibration isolation for aerospace, space, defense, marine and sports/leisure applications. 

Our elastomer material technologies and patents are focused on “Making Your Project A Success” by controlling and eliminating structural-born noise, shock, and vibration. Our ability to optimize and develop structural damping materials, acoustic barriers, and absorbing foams that can be offered separately or integrated into complete acoustic systems. This, coupled with our ability to attenuate noise, shock, and vibration in the forms of isolators and anti-vibration pads, qualifies SMAC Systems as your partner of choice.

This rich legacy and Intellectual Property (IP) addressing aerospace, space, marine, defense, racing, and sports and leisure applications are a result of a 70+ year focus on making innovative noise, shock, and vibration solutions for those that want to optimize durability, reliability, and performance.