Flexible Acoustic Barrier…Reduces Sound Transmission

SMACBARRIER®, flexible acoustic barrier is made of a heavy layer of visco-elastic material. A self-adhesive layer can be attached to the elastomer to ease the installation of interior panels. This product has been engineered to meet demanding requirements for flammability, smoke density, and toxicity, while also delivering extensive sound/noise reduction and transmission in the cabin.

We can deliver with pressure sensitive adhesive on 1 or 2 faces to facilitate installation of the acoustic barrier, on demand.

SMACBARRIER® is available in rolls or in kits of requested shape(s).

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flexible acoustic barrier (11)

Flexible acoustic barrier


  • Excellent sound transmission loss-to-weight ratio
  • Optimal noise reduction at low and high frequencies
  • High reliability of damping material
  • Acoustic barrier for Aircraft & Helicopter
  • Aircraft flooring, interior panel & fuselage noise barrier


  • Compliant with — FAR 25 853(a)(1)(ii) & FAR 25 856 F part VI
  • Available on request in combination with CFRP/GFRP/Aluminum
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) available on one side
  • Kit management following customer drawings
  • Roll dimensions: standard width 1000 mm (39.4’’ inches)